2017 Alberta SPCA Photo Contest: Round 2

The following 25 photographs have been short-listed for inclusion in the 2018 Alberta SPCA.
Vote now for your favourite.

(The photographer whose image receives the most votes will win the second of the McBain Camera gift certificates. Vote tallies may influence, but will not decide, which photos appear in the calendar.)

Contest Ended


A beautiful early spring day!

28 Votes

-30 and snowing and Hero still wants to play outside!

25 Votes

Sealed brindle boxer pup. YL on chest

28 Votes

Baby Alice taking a nap on a lazy day.

17 Votes

Pretty and cute.

22 Votes

Lake Monster

76 Votes

A rescue kitten from early February

31 Votes

This little girl and her family was rescued and adopted out to new loving families.

135 Votes

Warm Autumn day!

74 Votes

Hi! I’m Deaner,I was rescued from the side of a hiway at 5 weeks olds, I”am thriving in my new home. Deaner says ” spay and neuter your pets”

135 Votes

Parker is my boy, a 12 pound Lhasa Apso, tricolour and now 6 years of age. He loves the outdoors.

16 Votes

Warm Summer Evening Strolls

30 Votes

Warm sunny days are our favourite.

21 Votes

Cows of the River Valley

11 Votes

One of our baby bunnies!! So fluffy and cute.

61 Votes

Zaks first snowfall

526 Votes

It is so hard to take a photo of her because she will never stay still, but when you finally get a picture, it’s worth it.

429 Votes

Relaxing on the couch

65 Votes

This is my one year old Border Collie, Maverick. He has a huge personality and is quite a character.

449 Votes

Horses by the Side of highway 44 north of westlock.

96 Votes

Our beautiful llama

57 Votes

This barn cat on my parents acreage has the most beautiful eyes, too bad she is too shy to come say hi!

57 Votes

This is Nova. I have been watching him grow since he was a little pup at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. He is a high content wolfdog and is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t visited their facility you must go when you’re

49 Votes

Pekin Duck Named Pig

91 Votes

Beautiful picture of a colourful duck taken by Katarzyna Rychlicki in Warsaw,Poland.

37 Votes
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