2018 Alberta SPCA Photo Contest

Welcome to this year’s photo contest. Submit your entries for a chance to get in in the 2019 Alberta SPCA calendar.


Maggie at her desk

Author : IreneHanson

How can someone so cute always be up to no good???

Author : Joseph

Roxy our rescue pup enjoying ball tag in the water

Author : shasta1@telusplanet.net

Mikey our rescue kitty just enjoying life in his cat tree

Author : shasta1@telusplanet.net

MY dog Lily looking peacefully into the distance, on the top of a mountain with a stiff wind in our faces.

Author : RandyR


Author : Ernie Postowski

Ammo, you are almost big enough to play with the big dogs!

Author : amybecker@shaw.ca

Ammo, Jack and Bentley sharing a stick and enjoying the water!

Author : amybecker@shaw.ca

Ammo is an energetic black lab/hound cross.

Author : amybecker@shaw.ca

Snowbear likes to play in the snow then snuggle in a blanket or dog bed. Who doesn’t really?

Author : ecastle@shaw.ca
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